About Me

A little bit about myself…

I have been a fan and been involved in music for as long as I can remember. I’ve been playing in bands since I was fifteen. I’ve been signed, made some records and done a few tours…and still do with my current project Central Rain, but these days it’s a more leisurely pursuit. I’ve spent more time in record stores than I have in classrooms. Illegally download? I wouldn’t know how to. Nothing beats spending hours looking at record sleeves and reading those liner notes while listening to music, that’s the true enjoyment of it all for me. I would do anything to keep the record and record stores relevant, which led me to doing a site like this, to also make a contribution and keep that passion for buying albums alive.

I don’t need to go too deep into my own personal history here. This website is something that I’ve always wanted to bring to life. ’My Top Ten’ is simply a celebration of the Album. I couldn’t think of a more in-depth way to get into the mind of an artist than finding out what their favourite records are. It inspires you to check out music you may have never heard before and possibly find familiar similarities in the artist’s own material. For me, it’s almost as up close and personal as you can get with an artist to find out what music genuinely inspires them and makes them do what they do.

As we go along I look forward to bringing you some great top ten lists. Enjoy the site and keep buying records and supporting live music!

Luke Thomas,
Melbourne, Australia